What is Ghee ?

Ghee Is a Healthy Substitute for All Your Home Recipes
Dating back to some of the earliest people of the world in 2000 BCE, ghee is truly an ancient, multi-purpose health food that has survived through the ages. Its unique and peculiar properties make it better than butter—yet healthier! It’s lactose and casein-free, rich in vitamins A, D and E and is good for digestion.

Ghee is essentially clarified butter, but it is simmered longer to draw out its naturally nutty and aromatic flavor. The ghee-making process removes all the milk fats making it generally safe for people who have lactose or casein allergies. It also has a high smoke point, which makes it perfect for cooking safely at higher temperatures.

In ancient times, ghee was even used as a part of Ayurveda medicine to treat the body inside and out. It has been used as a topical ointment for burns and rashes or as a moisturizer for the skin and scalp.

Ghee Is a Source of Good, Healthy Fats
Ghee is also a great source of healthy fats for better digestion and a higher metabolism. It has roughly 10% more short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids which are easier for the body to break down and utilize. Specifically, it is rich in butyrate which is good for colon and heart health, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and promotes healthy insulin levels.

It’s ideal for diabetics, healthy eaters, and it tastes great too!